What is the optimal age to neuter a male dog?

  • It seems de-sexing a male dog will assist in preventing undesirable behaviors that can surface with an entire male dog; for example aggression, roaming, cocking the leg to urinate.

    Is this true?

    If so what is the optimal age to de-sex a male dog to help prevent the onset of such behaviors?

    Recommended age of 6 months old or any time after the dogs testicales have descended. Generally neutering or spaying will change the dogs excitement levels but any habits it has learnt might, but not always stay with them. If you really want your male dog to be calmer, not wee all over and not chase bitches, then 6~8 months.

  • Salketer

    Salketer Correct answer

    8 years ago

    I am not sure about optimal age... But I know that even at 8 years old, dogs still may show a change of behaviour.

    Just to add to your thoughts, mine is 9 months old, it has been 1 month since the operation and he changed to all what people lead us to expect.

    He was very dominating, and if we refused him something he would let us know (We mainly invited that to happen in the first place as we did not know how to take care of a dog). Now he is still protecting the house but is very gentle with us.

    Some say the younger the better, and that 5-6 month is best, but we wanted to wait for him to "man up" a bit first... Don't know if it changed anything.

    Other question to ask yourself, is it a working dog? I doubt you'd desex a guard dog for instance.

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