Can cats safely eat raw meat?

  • Is it safe to feed my cat raw meat, or should we cook the meat first? Or should we stick exclusively to factory produced cat food instead?

  • John Cavan

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    8 years ago

    You can feed cats raw meat, they're obligate carnivores after all, but human processed meats can introduce other bacterias and contaminates into meat that might not be there otherwise. If you want to do this, which I can understand, then you should introduce the raw meats carefully into their diet and only from a source that you trust, such as local butcher who is following good practices (if they save bones for dogs, it's probably a good sign).

    While you're doing this, monitor your cat carefully and if there is anything happening that concerns you such as unusual stool, vomiting, etc. then stop immediately and potentially take him/her into a vet for a check up.

    As an aside, there are some really good food products for cats that don't have as much (or little) filling in them. Spend some time reading the labels and look for products that are all meat or very, very high meat volume. Your cats will appreciate it. :)

    I'd like to add that a raw meat diet that you create yourself for your cat needs to be properly balanced, meaning it needs to include bones and organs. Giving your cat a a raw steak or chicken wing isn't enough.

    Any meat can be contaminated really. Say a cat catches a rat that has an infection, for instance. The advantage of cooking is its nondiscrimination about what it can render inert, from viruses through microbiotic to macrobiotic contaminants (e.g., parasites or their eggs). It doesn't work for everything though; see

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