Why do dogs look humans directly in the eyes?

  • I recently noticed that dogs see directly into the humans eyes. Clearly the same for wolves.

    Why do they do it? Is is only for communication or affection?

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    I'd like to hear where the _"clearly the same for wolves"_ comes from?

    Wolves and dogs are different and we should not always refer to wolves when talking about dogs. Clearly llamas also have 4 legs and yet we don't consider wolves when talking about them...

    I'll always catch my cats staring at me and I'll look deep in to both of their eyes and tell them I love them soooooo much and as im talking they continue to look at me in the eyes. What's it mean when cats do it??

    It means that you are really interesting. Or a mouse.

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    Many people (including myself) believe that dogs can read and understand human emotions. Studies attempting to look at this claim from a scientific point of view have shown that humans display emotions and feelings through their eyes.

    It was found that when two people meet, they look into the right side of human face first and the same behaviour was found with dogs - dogs look at the right side of human face first as that side displays the strongest of emotion.

    I recently watched a BBC documentary that was very closely related to this article and what I took away from that is the key why dogs are so close to humans are because they can "understand" your emotions and feelings and react accordingly, and they do that by reading into your facial expressions, esp. your eyes. (See the relevant sequence of the documentary on Youtube)

    I cannot speak for wolves, but dogs at least seem to gaze into humans eyes to gauge our emotions.

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    This is nice answer to how dogs read us, but as you say, dogs look at our face, and gestures and posture, not quite directly to our eyes.

    I think it's worth noting that dominance comes into play with the subject of eye contact. If your dog sees you as the alpha-male, he won't hold direct eye contact. You'll notice that the dog will look away from eye contact, and look right back as you look away. Info originally based on Dog Whisperer. No scientific links/source article, but I notice this with my dogs.

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