What should I do if my cat stops eating and starts hiding more?

  • My cat is usually really social. Loves to be cuddled, loves being around people, always crawls in my lap. Today, though, he spent the day hiding in my closet and in his cat tree. He didn't really eat a lot of his wet food breakfast, which is usually a big event in this house. He did eat some treats I brought to him, and cuddles when I come to him, but he doesn't really come out much. His eyes are clear, his nose feels the same as always,and he doesn't appear to react at all to me checking his belly and limbs and such for abnormalities (I didn't notice any but I am also not a vet).

    For reference, he is about three years old, an indoor cat, and the only pet in my house. I don't have any plants or anything in my house that he could have eaten.

    What should I do? Is this a wait and see situation, or a call the vet in the morning one?

    As it seems the cat is at ease and the only symptom is his hiding and lessened apetite, I would not make a vet call yet.

    If you got the same burst of warm weather that we did over the last 48 hours, I would suspect a bug made a spring outing and your cat ate it. This could give him tummy upset for a few hours.

    @James yeah, we did get that (though we have snow again!) so that could be it.

  • If your cat is not eating at or near a normal diet the following morning, a call to the vet is definitely in order. You know your pet, and if their diet is significantly changed for more then 24-36 hours a vet exam is indicated.

    Note that for some herbivores like rabbits, diet disruption gets critical in less than 24 hours.

    He appears a bit better today. A bit quiet, but he came out for breakfast and cuddles and stuff, so that is good. I am glad to know now how long to wait in case he doesn't perk up the next time as quickly! :)

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