Stop my cat from knocking over cups

  • Whenever my cat sees a cup, he has to go inspect it and knock it over even if there is no liquid in it. He really likes drinking the water out of these cups too if there is any in it. I cannot ever leave any cup unattended around him without it being knocked over and the liquid spilt everywhere.

    Is there any reason he always does this and are there any suggestions on how to stop it? He gets quite a bit of attention so I know that is not the reason.

    Perhaps a cup contained milk once long ago, and he's been dreaming of rediscovering the milk cup ever since...

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    7 years ago

    There are several possible reasons that your cat could be exhibiting this behavior. What you do about it depends on why he is doing it.

    Your water is fresh and clean. Perhaps his water is old or his bowl is dirty. You could try cleaning his bowl, refreshing his water more often, or installing a fountain to keep his water fresh.

    Your water is near you (where he wants to be) while his water is far away. You could try making sure he has water near each place you hang out (in the living room for when you're watching TV, in the office for when you're on the computer, in the bedroom for when you're sleeping, etc).

    He's bored. You say he gets plenty of attention, but petting and affection isn't the same thing as hunting with an interactive toy. You should make sure that he gets plenty of stimulating play toy with a feather wand or fishing lure type toy each day. At the end of the play session, feed him his dinner or a small treat to stimulate the natural hunt-eat-groom-sleep cycle.

    Finally, sometimes cats just do things for reasons that we humans can't quite figure out. Often I'll remove the item that triggers the behavior for a few months (so stop leaving cups unattended) and by the time I start relaxing and allowing that item to remain in their environment, they'll have forgotten about that annoying behavior.

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