Why does my cat insistently meow at me when I shower?

  • When I shower, my cat has this unusual habit. She meows at me insistently and repeatedly, and looks at me with wide eyes. I want to mention that I do not keep her in the bathroom against her will. I just leave the door open and she just walks in and starts meowing at me.

    Do you know why she is showing this kind of behaviour?

    You're covered in water. IT'S A PERFECT TIME TO PANIC!

    Consider yourself fortunate. One of ours gets in the shower WITH us. He sits and tries to catch the drops from the shower, then play wrestles with us when we dry him.

    You are acting crazy!

    This actually isn't uncommon behavior in cats.

    "Don't play with that; play with cat!"

    Since I can't explain why I meow at my cat -- except that it amuses me and gets a response -- i don't really expect her comments to me to be much more meaningful.

    Did you tried to brush it with your wet hands? I do that to my cats and they love it, they come everytime I finish the shower so they can be brushed, they also get into the bathtub for play with the water drops and drink warm water.

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    First, don't worry, this behavior is entirely normal thing that many cats do. I once visited a friend of mine and she warned me that her cat would visit me on the bathtub ledge between the two shower curtains during my shower. He did, but didn't talk to me, so I was super startled to see him there when I pulled back the curtain!

    There are actually a couple of reasons she could be exhibiting this behavior, or it could be a combination of multiple reasons.

    If your cat normally follows you around the house, this is just a normal part of her keeping tabs on you. As Dan S says, she wants to join you but doesn't want to get wet, so she's telling you to get out of there.

    Another possibility is that if you coo at her and give her attention (verbal, eye contact, etc), she's looking for that attention and knows if she yells at you long enough, you'll give it to her.

    Cats are also creatures of habit. If you get up in the morning and immediately jump in the shower and get dressed before heading downstairs to feed her (or whatever), then she's trying to rush you through your morning routine and get to the part where you feed her faster.

    If this behavior is bothering you, the best thing to do is close the door so she can't come in, or ignore her when she does talk to you in the shower. We broke one cat of the habit by switching to an opaque shower curtain so she couldn't see us anymore (and ignoring her cries), so that's another option.

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