Why is it not common for cats to be taken for walks?

  • I often see people out walking their dog to get them exercise and fresh air. However, I have never noticed someone taking their cat for a walk, although I have seen cat harnesses and leashes for outdoor activities with felines.

    Why is it less common for cats to be taken outside for walks? Don't they need exercise and fresh air, too, (especially when they're young and hyper and active) or do they get enough indoor play-time?

    Unlike dogs, cats are not pack animals. They do not like to walk, stalk or prowl in groups.

    Have you ever tried to walk a cat? If you have, then you already know the answer. I have two. I've tried to walk them both. They don't like it. They are too timid and prefer being stealthy.

    I haven't tried it yet but my cat is very curious and always wants to get out, but we live in the city on a semi-busy road so I don't want her getting hurt. Seeing all the passer-bys walking their dogs made me think of this question.

    @NicoleRae I would say it's worth a shot if you can take them to a secluded park with trees. My cats enjoy walking around in the wooded areas more than out in the big open spaces (and moving cars are scary).

    Most cats hate to be put on a leash and enjoy solitary moments exploring the neighbourhood while most dogs prefer to be accompanied for a walk.

    I once took my cat for a walk by zipping her into my hoodie and letting her look around while I walked. She was happy and warm. I would do it again, but some people in my neighbourhood have decided to ignore the "On Leash Area" signs, so I'm not able to.

    There seem for some reason lots of cat owners that consider it OK to allow there cat to run wild and mess up other people’s gardens. If you go to Turnkey or Grease, it is common for dogs to be allowed out on their own all day, and it is normal to see pet dogs just walking about on the pavements. The dog owners claim that they dogs don’t like being on a lead and being taken for controlled walks….. Therefore I think it is just that cat owners are ALLOWED to let their cats out without a lead.

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    I use a leash and harness with my cats to let them outside, but I don't take them for a walk as I would with a dog. It's more letting them explore around the yard as much as they want, but controlling how far they go, and when they come back.

    They're not interested in walking around the block because they don't really like meeting strangers outside of the house, as they're already nervous from leaving the known safety of the house. I also don't want to take them outside of the yard because I don't want to have to deal with finding out what happens if they meet a dog. They've already had some bad experiences with dogs, so I'd rather keep them away as much as possible.

    The only types of cats that really do enjoy walking around the block are cats that are still relatively wild, like Bengals and Servals. They still have strong instincts to patrol/mark a broader territory than normal housecats, along with having higher amounts of energy. Servals are rarely seen as pets due to the legal restrictions on them, and Bengals are generally kept by owners who care more about how they look than how happy they are, so the chances of you happening across an owner walking their cat is almost none.

    The only reason I like to take my cats outside to explore is for the fresh air, really. It's mental stimulation, the same reasons people want to get out of the house: it gets boring after so long. It's just nice to see something different every once in a while.

    Sure, it's a bit of exercise for them too, but it's not the only way they can get exercise. They are smaller than most dogs, meaning they have more room to run around without knocking into things (most of the time). But really the main difference is that they can climb. I have a 6 foot tall cat tree that my cats can climb up and down, which gives them vertical space to exercise.

    Here in the UK, I think most people with cats that aren't worth stealing just let them go out as they please. What happens when they meet a dog (or for that matter a tougher cat) is that there's a loud crashing noise from the kitchen when the cat hits the catflap at speed :-) I get the impression it's less common to do this in the US, even ignoring people in apartments etc where it's not possible. But anyway, here you see unaccompanied cats in the street all the time in suburban areas, following their own exercise regime.

    Don't forget all the people who live in apartments and still manage to allow their cats out: http://catladderhalloffame.blogspot.co.uk/

    There are people that let their cats wander outside freely. I choose not to because I don't want either getting lost, picked up as a stray, hurt by another animal, or even hurt by a human.

    I put one of my cats in a harness and a leash. She flopped over on her side and refused to move. I interpreted her actions as her way of saying "I am not going to have any part in this, under any circumstances."

    Downvoted fur unsubstantiated optinion about why people keep a particular breed of cat

    While I don't deny my Bengal and my Savannah are beautiful, I got them for their personality and activity level—which is part of why I take them on walks outside daily. However, neither is a fan of strangers, so I try to do it when few people (and especially dogs) are around to scare them.

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