Should I worry about my cat jumping out the window?

  • I just bought a cat and live on the 14th floor of my building, and I realized that he doesn't have any fear of heights like dogs do. I am really afraid that he might jump from a window.

    I did some research, but could only find things like "If a cat jumps from the third floor he might survive, even with some injures" and I was like "don't cats have any sense of height?! Why would he jump from so high?"

    So, should I be worried about my cat jumping out of a window and hurting himself?

    Entry 998 on talks about cats effectively "parachuting" from anything higher than about a seventh floor. I remember it being discussed on QI, which means it's documented somewhere, so worth looking up, though not necessarily still held to be true, hence I've not posted as an actual *answer*. Google for `qi cat fall floors` to find that episode.

    The terminal velocity of a small animal is low, so any fall is more survivable. Most studies are biased by the fact that if the cat is obviously dead, often he isn't taken to the vet for examination at all.

    He won't jump. He might fall.

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    7 years ago

    Yes you should worry, lots of bad things could happen:

    • The cat may get frightened or be chasing an insect and bolt for the window then fail to stop in time, slip and fall.

    • The cat may sleep in the windowsill in the sun, roll over, and fall.

    • The cat may run out on a ledge outside or jump down to someone's air conditioner sticking out below or otherwise trap themselves someplace that would require trained rescue specialists to retrieve them.

    Cats are thought of as extremely coordinated and agile but they slip, trip, fall and fail in estimating jump distances all the time.

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