How can I prevent my cat from making a mess when he eats?

  • Every time my cat eats, he gets food all over the floor, making it a really disgusting and unappealing corner in the house.

    enter image description here

    What solutions could I use to avoid this problem?

    My cat does the same thing. We put a tote top under the food dish. This helps, but still looks horrible.

  • I can think of two possible solutions, having experienced this problem myself.

    The first would be to use a dish with higher sides as long as feeding is still physically possible. You may also purchase a dish that has sides that curve inward so that the cat cannot push the food over the sides (see picture).


    Now this may not be the exact style of bowl that will work, it is just an example. Plus you should probably use a safer material than glass. The edges could curve inward more drastically and even curve downward after inward. The base should probably also be more solid and larger so that it won't be easy knocked over.

    The second solution would be to place a mat under the dishes. I have used placemats but you could use something with edges, such as a rubber shoe mat. This makes for easy cleanup. You remove the dishes, shake the mat off into the garbage, and put it back. If you have a vacuum cleaner, they are pretty easy to clean off as well.

    Edit: I have found a commercial solution if you desire to try this instead. I have never tried it yet it seems to have good reviews on amazon. I will provide the link and you can peruse the reviews and decide if you are interested.

    Link: The Neater Feeder

    The cranberry colored one looks like a bug-eyed Iron Man. It's perfect. :P

    Bowls rather than plates (as shown in the OP's picture) helped me with this too. The walls didn't need to be especially high; basic plastic bowls sold as food bowls for pets did the trick.

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