How can you tell if a kitten will have long or short hair?

  • This weekend I visited a friend who had a new kitten (about 8 weeks old). The kitten has a fuzzy coat, but most kittens seem to have a fuzzy coat from what I can tell through internet searches.

    We were trying to guess if the kitten would have a long or short haired coat as an adult. Is there a way to tell (not knowing what the parents looked like), or will we just have to wait until the kitten grows up?

  • Oldcat

    Oldcat Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Check if it has tufts of fur between the toes. That's a sign that most long and medium-long haired cats share.

    Long-haired cat's paw:

    Long-haired cat paw (Source)

    Short-haired cat's paw:

    Short-haired cat paw (Source)

    You can see in the long-haired cat's paw, there's that sudden sprout of long hair sticking out. You'll also be able to see that with the front paws.

    Do kittens get the tufts of fur in their paws, the pictures are of adult cats.

    My longhair kittens had tufts at a very early age, say 8 weeks. The male gained more body hair length at about 9 month to 1 year stage.

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