How can I get my cat to stop nursing from its mother?

  • My cat is 9 months old, and she still likes to nurse from her mother. I've been stopping her (also punishing her by removing her from the room we are currently in. Is this a bad way to react?) when I see her do it, but no results come of it.

    She eats regular catfood as well. I don't think the mother cat is still producing milk (it's been a few months since she had kittens). I have a feeling it's a bonding thing, because the mother doesn't mind at all (cleans offspring while offspring is feeding).

    Although this brings up many other questions (each deserving their own post), my main question is: How can I get my 9 month old cat to stop nursing off its mother?

    It is normal for queens to drop by and feed their fairly grown offspring.

    One of my cats is two years old and she still nurses from her mother on occasion. Her mother hasn't had kittens in well over a year and a half. They just both enjoy the bonding experience.

    thanks so much for replying. I thought that was what you meant. This post has drawn so much attention - some of it not so good- I protected it to avoid more controversy from people not regular to the site.

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    7 years ago

    Kittens nursing on each other can irritate or injure each other, especially if they nurse on the wrong spots. Since this isn't the case here, the only down side would be a similar sore spot on the momma, who is well equipped to beat up the kitten making her hurt.

    I don't see why you have to be the enforcer outside of that. Mom will cut off the milk bar when she wants to.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the first part (my cat is nursing on its mother, not another kitten). But you're saying that I shouldn't care or be worried? This won't have any harmful effects on my cat's health overtime?

    The only bad thing that can happen with nursing is irritation or damage of the cat being sucked on, which is especially bad if a tiny kitten is sucking on his tiny brother in a bad spot - like the anus. No, I don't think there is anything bad about mother's milk.

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