Is it normal for a cat to eat moths?

  • My cat eats moths: is this normal or should it be discouraged?

    I suspect it is not harmful but is there a formal answer?

    My kitten has caught and eaten 6 moths tonight he loves them and teaching them bout hunting to probably wouldn't be so good if they been sprayed with flyspray thou

    My adult cat bring in alive moth for my kitten to play and eat so yes its normal, i feel sorry for the moth because they play with it for a wile befor killing it so i try and get it out of the window before it dies

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    7 years ago

    Completely normal - not harmful. Flying fast moving things make great toys and often good snacks. One my cats goes crazy over flying insects often bordering on self-destructive tendencies (thinking she can also fly over my kitchen to catch it).

    There may be some oddball moth(s) out there that aren't good for cats to eat but I wouldn't be too worried about that slight possibility.

    yep, totally normal. It may give them an upset stomach, but that's self-correcting. Moths are GREAT entertainment.

    Yeah, my cat used to catch and eat everything that moved, from groundhogs to fruit flies. After a while, he learned that wasps and hornets were good to avoid.

    Use to have a cat that caught flies and ate them, saved me a lot of work of swapping flies :p

    Cats eating bugs is no different than humans eating candy.

    I remember our family used to praise our cats for bringing home random prey. Even if they insisted on bringing it inside. We'd still make sure they understand we don't want it inside the house, but we encouraged it. Cats are natural hunters. Humans have drastically domesticated them. But their instincts are still there.

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