Is there a way to prevent another dog from pooping on our grass?

  • Our regularly-trimmed grass outside our gate has been pooped on by another dog. I don't know the dog and I've been trying to determine which dog it was.

    I know about dogs being territorial, and that another dog might not poop on our grass once he realizes that our dog is in the house.

    Is there any way I can use my dog to mark the grass to notify the other dog that he should not go there? or Is there another way to prevent the other dog from pooping on our grass?

    I would suggest a sign asking owners not to let their dog poop on your lawn. That's just rude and inconsiderate. Or is this patch of grass on the other side of a sidewalk in front of your house? Is that gray area for who/what is allowed to poop there?

    Sometimes it is very difficult to prevent a dog from going when he wants to go. But when it happens the owner should be considerate enough to at least clean up.

    @MadaraUchiha That might not be a good idea. It might end up hurting people

    Depending on where you live, it could be a violation of local laws to not clean up after your dog. I still think pursuing the owner is the best thing you can do here.

    @d2jxp Where I live, there is no such law. But how can I know the owner when I don't even know the dog?

  • woliveirajr

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    8 years ago

    Some ideas, since you are unable to identify the other dog:

    1. use a motion-activated sprinkler
      • This will probably scare the dog and owner for the first few times, signaling that you don't want others entering over your grass and doing things
    2. spread a repellant or unpleasant odor
      • ammonia, vinegar, citrus peels or oil, Liquid Fence. You won't need a great amount, and it might kill plants, so apply it to the edge of the grass.
      • If you do buy a dog repellent, follow the instructions because you don't want to cause any harm, just deter the habit.

    Motion-activated sprinkler! What a fabulous solution!

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