My cat shakes its legs when trying to sleep, why?

  • My cat is 3 months old, he's been with us for a month but lately I've observed that sometimes when he's trying to sleep or falling asleep he starts shaking like he's got cold, like shivers. I thought he might have got fever or something like that, we took him to the vet but he said it wasn't nothing, that it was probably normal.

    I do not doubt of his professionalism (or maybe I do) but this behaviour just seems weird to me (it's the first time I've had a pet). He only shakes when he's trying to sleep. Is this normal? As I said, it shakes like if he's got some chills.


    I know it's normal for him to shake ONCE he is completely asleep. This happens before he gets into REM

    No no, I forgot to say that, yes he twitches ONCE he is aslept, but this is different, sometimes he is FALLING asleep, so his eyes are still mid-opened.

    Are you sure he's not actually asleep? One of my cats will sometimes sleep with his eyes half open, or with only his second eyelids closed.

    it might be helpful if you could post a video? I was thinking hypnagogic jerks as well, but they tend to be just one or two quick movements instead of a shudder/shake.

    I will try to record him while he's at it, again, sometimes he does it when he's falling asleep but sometimes he's awake,lying on the floor preparing for some nap.

    My cat has done this since we got her at 3 months. She 1year and 2 months and still does it. I’ve noticed it before meal times as well, this is the first time I’m reading of someone having a similar issue. Has anyone else had it not go away or any update on what it is ?

    I too have a kitten that does this. He is 13 weeks and when he lays down to sleep he sometimes starts shaking almost looks as though he is shivering from being cold. We just adopted he and two siblings, neither of them do this. It doesn’t happen all the time and I also thought about low blood sugar. Otherwise,he seems very happy and healthy. They have a vet checkup tomorrow so we’ll see what she says.

  • By observation and experimentation I've learnt that this behavior shows in my cat when he hasn't eaten in a long period of time (4 hours for example). I'm trying to keep him fed every 4 hours or so.

    I'm presuming a lack of sugar or some other enzyme.

    Thanks for all your answers!

    EDIT: My cat is turning 8 months in two days. He's very healthy aside from a little skin infection he had a few weeks ago, vet gave him some meds and his skin is good now. His leg hasn't shaken in a long while. Perhaps it had something to do with his age?

    EDIT: My cat is turning 1 year old in a few days! He stopped doing these weird twitches a while ago. So I believe it was indeed something about his age.

    EDIT: My cat is 1 year 9 months old now and he's healthier than ever (I believe so). I haven't noticed any twitches anymore. He started to chase his tail in the bathroom though.

    EDIT: My cat is 4 years old now, he's really healthy, his twitches disappeared and I didn't even notice. We feed him every few hours (we usually leave his food for him to eat on his own). We do not let him out, he's a homebody cat.

    I know some humans have problems with muscle twitched or cramps at nigh if they're dehydrated or if their blood electrolytes ate out of balance. Might have been a transient nutritional issue while growing...

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