Regarding being bitten by about 2 month old puppy and risk of rabies

  • While trying to feed a stray puppy in my neighbourhood, I got a needle point pierce from his tooth on my thumb, with some blood also.

    Immediately I rushed to the doctor and got myself anti-rabies vaccination.

    Doctor asked me to watch out for the puppy for at least 1 week to see if he dies or not.

    My concerning queries are:

    1. What is the connection of getting rabies from a dog and his death?
    2. Should I be worried if he dies within a week?
    3. Does bite from a 2 months old puppy can risk humans being infected from rabies?

    Also, this puppy has been ill for past 2 days. (No obvious symptoms and he just seems to be ill because he is neither eating nor drinking anything.)

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    6 years ago

    1) Rabies is rapidly, and very unpleasantly, fatal. If the dog has rabies it is unlikely to survive a week and probably, at that age, unlikely to survive more than a few days.

    2) Only if the puppy was itself infected. You probably got bitten just because it was either scared or overenthusiastic.

    so the connection between rabies and death of a dog is that if a dog has rabies he is unlikely to survive.Am I right in my understanding?

    In some parts of the world rabies is very common, so I've edited your statement that the puppy being infected is unlikely.

    Zaralynda: good edit, thanks. @a.s. Extremely unlikely to survive. For what it's worth, in the US, a feral dog who bit someone might be killed, and have its brain examined for evidence of rabies. Pets are generally quarentined for observation if there's any possible risk.

    Ok but I need to know that if there is any connection between humans getting infected with rabies (being bitten from a dog) and the natural death of that dog later? Why the doctor asked me to watch out for this puppy if he dies within a week or not?

    @a.s. That's because rabies is - as far as I know - always fatal (unless the carry is resistant, which is very uncommon). So the dog being alive a week later would be a very strong indicator for no infection.

    @Mario: oh! I see and Thank you everyone for sharing these informations. On a sanguine note, I would like to share that this puppy is recovering from his unknown illness.

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