Any Idea What This Bump Is?

  • We discovered this bump behind our dog's shoulder. It's maybe 3 - 4 mm (1/4 inch) or so. It feels more hard than squishy. It doesn't seem to be an infection and it doesn't bother the dog when we touch it. I'm wondering if anyone has a clue what it might be and whether it's something we should worry about or not.

    Thanks in advance.

    bump behind dog's shoulder

    Whereabouts behind the shoulder please, underside or side or topside? It appears to be a nipple.

    Looking at it I, myself, probably wouldn't worry about it, but I do make a point to note all new bumps and lumps and point them out to the vet at every visit.

    yeah, i though it looked a bit like a nipple, too, but it's on the topside of the dog - maybe 2-3 inches from the center of his back.

    This a question you should bring to your vet. You dog has light skin and per this answer it could be a cancer

    It could also just be a cyst.

  • I am not a vet. My labs have had bumps like that. I trim around it with hair clipper and clean the area with alcohol. It dries up and goes away. If it does not get better in a couple days then see a vet.

    You probably should not squeeze it.

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