How can I prevent my cat from chewing up the carpet?

  • My cat loves to bite and pull at the carpet everywhere there is a seam (between rooms, patches, etc). I've tried squirting him with water, but now he just runs away if I even move while he's doing it. Since I can't be there all the time, I need some way to keep him from ripping up the carpet while I'm at work or asleep. I've seen products that are supposed to keep cats away from an area, but that would require spaying the doorway. I don't want to prevent him from entering those rooms, just to stop messing with the carpet.

    Maybe he's trying to tell you it's time for hardwood flooring. "Here, let me help you..."

    I Have literally the EXACT same problem. I have tried the no scratch sprays but then he just started with his teeth. Then i moved to bitter no chew sprays. Nothing... He has 2 scratching posts, and a cat tower with scratchy bits. He also plays regularly with the laser pointers and has an abundance of toy to play with. The balck and cayenne pepper is the only thing i havent tried. I'll try it tonight and see if it helps. Oh he also has the soft paws nail caps on. Aside from re-homing him, i am out of options. If the peppers dont work I really dont know what else to do...

    I found this thread while searching for the same subject. I noticed that while most of the responses referred to scratching the carpet, the original post said the problem was biting and pulling with the teeth. I recently adopted a cat that started doing the exact same thing - and she has plenty of toys that she uses, scratching posts, playtime interaction with humans, etc., so it's not due to boredom. One of the biggest problems is that she is destroying a huge carpeted cat tree, and I definitely don't want to keep her off of that.

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    Some cats are horizontal scratchers instead of vertical ones, they like pulling and yanking at carpet and stuff rather than, say, a couch or something, if they don't have something appropriate. You can get scratchers that are just corrugated cardboard stuck together in flatter box shapes that you set on the floor - I had a cat who was determined to yank up all my carpets, and then I gave him something like this, and he stopped trying to pull my carpet up, and chewed and scratched on the cardboard thing instead.

    If it isn't a scratching need, then you might want to try putting pepper (cayenne or black pepper, I have used both) in the area you want to keep him out of, like along the seams. I do this to keep my cat out of plants and other places, and it works pretty well. Also lemon juice or vinegar also work, although make sure they won't damage your carpet.

    You could also get a small rug and try to train him to only pull at that one, but I have never really gotten it to work (although other people apparently have.)

    There are commercial sprays you can use, that claim to keep cats from scratching at things, but I can't speak to how well they work.

    It also might be a boredom thing, or an attention seeking behaviour, and he might just want more active playtime, and there are a large variety of toys and things you can get to help with this.

    Also, I found some cats responds better to a noise deterrent than being sprayed with water - for one cat I had, I used a can/jar with rocks in it and shook it right near him when he was doing stuff I didn't like, and it worked well.

    Giving my cat a small rug and convincing him that tearing and pulling and scratching things he "owns" is more fun than being shooed every time, worked in my case, so it's definitely worth trying.

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