How do I unwind a roll of film?

  • When putting in a new roll of (35mm) film, I accidentally told my camera to rewind, rather than load the film. Now there's no tab sticking out of the roll, so I can't load it.

    Is there a way to unwind the film slightly, so that I could still use that film?

    Just wondering how you plan to "continue" the roll of film. How will you know the location of the last picture?

    @yydl In my case, it's easy; I hadn't taken any photos at all, so I'll simply start from the beginning.

    I don't know what kind of film this is, or how much the tools referred to in some of the answers cost, but wouldn't it be cheaper and simpler to buy a new roll of film?

    @DJClayworth In my case, since this film is cheap, yes. If I had a film-retraction problem and had done this to a lot of rolls of film, it would be worth it to buy the extractor.

  • There are film leader extractors (that at least used to be) available. I'd guess even now most decent camera stores should have one around to handle situations like yours. If you want to buy one, it looks like B&H still lists them. I would guess most others do too, though I haven't looked. In this case, it's probably cheaper to buy it locally if you can -- the price is so low that the shipping will probably double the cost unless you buy it along with something else.

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