Is it possible to scale up an image to increase the the pixel density?

  • I have taken a picture whose resolution is less. I can resize the image easily (i.e I can scale to higher resolution) but the image quality goes for a toss, which is true because the image might not have enough pixels to scale properly.

    1. Is resizing a means of increasing the resolution of the image ?

    2. Is it possible to increase the pixel density of the image and then resize, so that
      quality of the image is not affected much?

    I mainly use GIMP and Picasa.

    The following may be helpful. I used photoshop in the examples, however GIMP should also work fine. To summarize the link...yes, I think it is possible to increase the size of an image and minimize the loss in quality, however you can't maintain *all* original detail.

    so you want to magically create data out of thin air to show things that were there in reality but aren't in the picture because your resolution wasn't high enough. Isn't going to work. At most you can interpolate between existing pixels and add more that have an average value of those around them (possibly weighted in some way). That gives the illusion of increased resolution when in fact it's not, it's just more pixels showing the exact same thing.

  • Matt Grum

    Matt Grum Correct answer

    10 years ago

    In general it is not possible to increase the size/resolution/pixel density of an image after it has been captured. If the detail was never present it can't be replaced.

    There are ways to increase the number of pixels whilst minimizing artifacts (an example being fractal based image resizing). These methods are useful when you need to print large without seeing pixel artifacts. But the results are nothing like what you'd get with an image that was higher resolution to start with.

    "There are ways to increase the number of pixels whilst minimizing artifacts" to a degree of course :)

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