How do I properly do shadowless product photos?

  • My friend asked me to create a photo like this:

    enter image description here

    I noticed that its shadowless and my first question is whether it was setup to be shadowless, or was it made shadowless in post? How many lights are involved here? I think there's one for the background, and one above the product pointing something like 30 degrees down, and then some reflectors to the side. Just guessing.

    I did some Googling and came across this setup. How could that be shadowless? Looks like the product is a few feet above the ground, which is a white seamless background, and the camera and all the lighting are all pointing down. How could there be no shadow on the ground?


    (1) The example is not shadow less. (2) The setup object is on a glass table and there are flashes pointing downwards which will erase any shadow, probably by blowing out the background.

    Thanks for your reply. I don't really see how "flashes pointing downwards will erase any shadow." The light from the flash will be blocked by the object, hence creating a shadow.. no? I do agree with blowing out the background though.

    ok silly me. I just realized that the flashes are pointing down and only lighting the background, not the subject. The subject is lighted by the 580+umbrella and the softbox. Correct?

    In my opinion don't make it complete shadow less. A bit of soft shadow at the base gives object a place to stand. They look floating in air otherwise.

    @rabbid, First link is down... please embed the crucial image into the question itself.

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    10 years ago

    Also on Digital Photography School, Alex Koloskov walks through creating attractive product photos. And in his blog he shows how to achieve almost the same results with $55 light setup. His blog in general is very educative, as he's professional product photographer who regularly shares the setups used to get the results he got.

    In that link, what is he doing with strobe #4 to create the gradient? Can you help explain? Thank you!

    He is restricting the angle of the strobe with both narrow rectangular softbox and piece of foamcore plastic sheet that's white on one side and black on another.

    To create gradient, you need to make the angle of your light narrow, so that the transition from lighted area to non-lit happens within relatively small area/angle.

    So that strobe is pointed towards the background and it has a narrow angle, is that so?

    That's my understanding.

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