Do GoPro mounts use standard tripod points?

  • I've been looking at some wearable camera mounts, and I get the impression that GoPro mounts are different from the standard tripod mount point.

    Can I use my video camera with its standard screw-in tripod mount with a GoPro mount?

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    10 years ago

    GoPro cameras do not have a built in tripod mount(1/4-20). They actually have a more specialized quick release clip built into the waterproof housing. To attach a GoPro unit to a tripod mount, you need the GoPro Tripod Mount which runs about $8 these days.

    To answer your question, if you want to mount a GoPro camera to a tripod, you need the Tripod mount accessory. The various other mounts that you can get will allow you to mount the GoPro to things like a flat surface, curved surface, pivot arm, or a leather leash. You can pick these up in its "grab bag" mount kit as shown here. Note - this does not come with the tripod mount.

    If you are asking about a video camera in addition to the GoPro, that will not work with any of the GoPro mount accessories, because it will not have the quick release GoPro mount.

    Here is an image of the GoPro standard housing with built in quick release clip and currently attached to the flat adhesive mount:

    GoPro with standard housing and quick release clip

    This is an image of the GoPro standard housing with the Tripod Adapter mounted to a tripod:

    GoPro standard housing with the Tripod Adapter

    Finally a closeup view of the tripod adapter:

    GoPro Tripod Adapter Mount

    Hi. Thanks for answering, but I think you've answered the opposite question. My camera is a Sony, not a GoPro. Can I stick that camera (with its standard screw-hole mount point) on my head with a GoPro helmet mount?

    Your title and your body conflict in the question, so I tried to answer both. The answer to if you can stick a sony camcorder onto a gopro mount is no.

    You're right. I've rewritten the title to be less ambiguous.

    @billpg - Finally got myself a GoPro, ready to answer any future questions here :)

    @dpollitt glad you took one for the team. ;)

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