How much does it cost to replace a DSLR shutter?

  • I own a Nikon D5000 and I've read in numerous places that the earliest part that fails in a DSLR is the shutter. This is rated to 100,000 actuations, and since there are weeks when I shoot 1000 pics, I am getting a bit worried.

    Can it be replaced? Is it (very) expensive? Is it a routine thing?

    Well if Nikon said it's "tested to Over 100.000 cycles" it means that value is not the MTBF, that value is the "guaranteed operation". That said I have not seen any data showing the MTBF, or any other statistic data regarding the failure rate or statistical distribution. But it is certainly fair to say that one can get a D5x00 series camera and take 200K or more photos with no problem whatsoever. A small number will even go further then that up to the 300K/400K we simply do not know what is the percentage (small tho) that could reach such number of cycles.

    I would almost bet that there is an asterisk or a 1 somewhere near this number, which will tell you that it is MTBF. Otherwise, Nikon could be held responsible for shutter failures, no matter when they appear, as long as the shutter count is < 100 000.

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    10 years ago

    I wouldn't worry about it. Shutters can (and do) eventually fail, but the good news is that repair is relatively affordable. I know a few folks who have had shutters replaced, the cost has generally been between $200-300.

    Take a look at another question which discussions how many actuations are "too many" and talks about the likelihood of failure. Enjoy your camera, create some great images, and if you wear the thing out it's a sign you're enjoying your hobby :)

    +1 for enjoying the camera and not worrying about it's technical failures

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