How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?

  • Is there any way to select all pixels on the current layer that match a specific color value exactly?

    My first instinct is Select > Color Range..., but I cannot determine how to input a specific pixel color by value, without knowing ahead of time the location of a pixel of that color. The goal being to select pixels that match that specific color, or none if no pixels have that color.

    FYI - if you're used to Illustrator's "Select Same Fill Color" or "Select Same Stroke Color" function - there's not an exact comparison in Photoshop because of raster graphics app vs vector graphics app.

    I don't think this is a photography question...

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  • Sean

    Sean Correct answer

    10 years ago

    You can use the Magic Wand Tool with the following setting:

    Tolerance: 0
    Anti-alias: unchecked
    Contiguous: unchecked
    Sample All Layers: *checked or unchecked* (See below)

    The Magic Wand Tool also uses the "Sample Size" settings from the Eye Dropper tool, so you will have to switch to that tool and make sure it is set to "Point Sample" before using the Magic Wand Tool. Otherwise you could end up selecting more colors than you intended.

    To select a color by value, the easist way is probably to make a new layer and fill some part of it with the color you wish to select, and then use the Magic Wand tool (set to sample all layers) and click on your color patch on the new layer.


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