Best 32GB SD card for GoPro's HD HERO2?

  • I want to purchase the best SD card I can get for the new GoPro HD HERO2.

    On GoPro's website they sell a class 10 32GB Sandisk card, but is there a faster one I can get?

    I was looking at these two, but I'm not sure if either one is compatible.

    1. Extreme® Pro™ SDHC™ UHS-I
    2. Extreme® Pro™ SDHC™/SDXC™ UHS-I
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    9 years ago

    The GoPro HD Hero 2 states on the FAQ page:

    You will need to get a class-4 or higher SD card from a reputable brand and source in order to use the camera effectively. A class-10 SD card is recommended when using Time-Lapse mode or photo every 0.5 seconds.

    Class 4 isn't that fast by today's standards, and actually equates to 4MB/s read/write speeds. The two cards you pointed out are compatible with SDHC, but are much much faster, and even way out of the current class leagues. They rate them as 300x or 45MB/s read/write.

    In other words, you wouldn't have any problem using those memory cards, but from what I can tell they would be overkill. I would just pick up any standard Class 10 card and you should be covered for all situations the camera is capable of.

    One thing that may be worth mentioning is the two SandDisk Extreme Pro cards that you pointed out do state that they have "extreme durability" with temperature proofing, water proofing, and shock proofing - all things which you may benefit from in extreme conditions.

    Whilst the specs page does indicate a class 4 or higher SDHC card, it also says '* Now supports time-lapse photo every 0.5 seconds. `Requires Class 10 speed SD Card`', so in at least one use case a faster card would be beneficial.

    @forsvarir Thanks for pointing that out! As this is a photography site, time-lapse would certainly be an important feature to us! I have to say that it is surprising to me that time-lapse photography requires a higher speed card then 1080p video!

    @dpollitt thanks, my main concern was compatibility with the camera. Class 10 is a must if you want to get full functionality(0.5 sec Time-Lapse) out of the new HERO2.

    According to the highest rate for video is 720p @ 60fps which is 15.8mbps / 8 => ~2 MB/s. From my own tests with Hero2, time-lapse stills are anywhere between 2-6 MB each x 2 = ~4-12MB/s.

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