Is there a software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

  • I want to digitize my old family albums using a scanner and there are lots of photos in them. Thus far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then manually cropping them in a simple editor like Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery. This has been pretty time consuming as each scan is followed by 4 crop operations. Scanning each image individually would possibly be even more time consuming.

    Is there any software or simple plugin (preferably free) that does this job? The best solution I have found is in Photoshop, but that's an overkill. Is there a similar feature for one of the free photo editors like Paint.NET or GIMP?

    There is a similar question - - but that deals with more with equipment & external lab solutions

    I wouldn't underestimate Photoshop's usefulness... It has incredible batch capabilities for what you're talking about, but also has an impressive set of other useful tools for photo manipulation. Even an older+student license (which would be much cheaper) would be an asset in any image tinkerers hands.

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    I stumbled upon a GIMP script called Divide Scanned Images that worked pretty well for me. It has an input interface and even supports batch processing of files. It's not entirely foolproof, and you may need to adjust the "Abort Limit" and\or "Background Sample Corner" settings to get the script to work properly.

    I had tried the ImageMagick multicrop script without much luck, and it may be due to the fact that I'm trying to use the software on Windows with cygwin.

    The problem with this one is all bets off if you want to keep your tif's 16bit, it doesnt support that.

    Yep the multicrop doesn't crop all photo scans, some it does some it doesn't

    Many thanks for this answer! I believe the link is now broken. Please try this one instead:

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