What kind of tape to use when mounting photo to mat?

  • I'm looking to print, mount, and frame a bunch of photos I've taken. I've normally used poster-style frames (borderless and with no mat), but I'm beginning to develop an aesthetic preference for matted photos. I recall hearing at some point that there's a special sort of tape one should use when mounting the photo to a mat board, but I can't remember what it was. Is it a special acid-free tape so it doesn't eat away at the picture over time?

    What should I look for in tape or other adhesive for the purpose of mounting a photo to a mat board? Is there a particular brand that is more revered than others?

  • I use Lineco Self Adhesive Mounting Strips. The advantage of these is that the photo is not mounted physically at all to the mat. This takes into account the different rates of expansion (due to humidity changes) that the photo and the mat have, the photo will never buckle since it floats on the back of the mat.

    Plus it is super easy and cheap also!

    Very good point with the buckling. That is my biggest issue. I went as far as taken apart professionally mounted photos and noticed that the entire photo was glued to a very rigid cardboard so as to prevent it from buckling. I will try this tape for sure. One question though; will there be a gap between the photo and the mat?

    Yes, there will be a gap. I just tried to measure one, looks like less that 1/32 of an inch. In practice I don't see this. Note, the photos still won't lie completely flat, since they will sag some in the gap, but at least no damage will occur.

    This looks awesome!

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