How can I easily convert a large number of pictures from RAW to scaled down JPG?

  • I have a collection of shots from the same session in RAW and want to covert all of them to JPG. Each one should have a curve applied, then be scaled and sharpened using the same settings.

    What is the best way to do this? Can I automate PhotoShop (or alternative) to perform the same steps over a number of pictures?

    What operating system are you using? Could you please specify this in your question?

  • DetlevCM

    DetlevCM Correct answer

    9 years ago

    Open your folder containing the photographs in Adobe Bridge, then in the menu go: "Tools" -> "Photoshop" -> "Image Processor". (Entries translated.)

    Set your JPEG quality and maximum resolution per side (aspect ratio will be retained), click go and wait.

    Note: Bridge comes with Photoshop for those who do not know that.

    Also, if you want to apply similar settings to all photographs, you can copy over settings in Bridge. Right click the RAW and it is an option in the second level of the menu.

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