Is it possible to embed a clickable url in an image?

  • Is it in any way possible to add URLs or hyperlinks to photos? It's for adding to a web page. I know there is an image map option. But is it possible using any tool to directly add it to the image?

    The photo is of a scenery and i would like to distribute it to different sites. I have edited the image and included the urls as caption below the image. But would be good if its click-able.

    An option i got from a friend of mine is to make it a flash file and include the urls to make it clickable. any other options or tools?

    oops, wonder why this went for -ve voting. Guess the question was not complete/explained enough?

    I think your question was misunderstood, although there might be better Stack Exchange sites for getting a good answer.

    Thank you for the answers. I think i'll stick with flash for now.

  • MikeW

    MikeW Correct answer

    9 years ago

    If I understand the question, you want embedded in your image a clickable URL. ChrisF and Mike have explained how to provide links in HTML, but what you are after is something permanently embedded in your image. Even an image map is an HTML construct that isn't permanently embedded in your image.

    Adobe Flash and PDF files can contain clickable URLs if you want to do some work. PDF isn't ideal as it isn't universally accepted, and even Flash isn't available on all platforms.

    I think you're best to rely on people see your website URL and typing it in themselves, unless you can ask web masters to link your images back to your site for you.

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