Where can I get free RAW files online for practicing with Lightroom?

  • I've downloaded Adobe Lightroom in order to learn RAW image processing. I want to practise on some photos that covers basic subjects (Histograms, HDR etc).

    Is there a good, free source of RAW images online to practise on?

    Your camera? Isn't that why you want to practise on them in the first place?

    I agree with Olin. Remember that raw isn't a common format: every camera has its own format, so you're best learning with the sort of raw files you're going to be using. Just fire a few off and start from there.

    Consider taking some snaps yourself, then you have the advantage of knowing what the scene actually looks like.

    You can usually find them (different raw format) at each manufacturer's websites.

    Search for reviews of DSLRs as many reviews that show image samples will also link to original files direct from camera, which may include RAW files. IMO this is better than manufacturer-provided ones which are usually specifically chosen to show the camera in its best light. This is the best way to get RAW images from a camera that you don't own yet, if for example you want to evaluate its images prior to purchase. Obviously if you do own the camera you can take your own RAW images.

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    9 years ago

    Check out Fro Knows Photo.

    There is a weekly RAW file you can edit and you can post your result on the forums (they are at edit 81 at the time of writing). Jared (the guy behind the site) then selects a handfull RAW edits from the forum and comments on them in a youtube video. As a plus, Jared and/or Adam will give a full tutorial (again youtube video) on how they edited the RAW file themselves in Lightroom

    Definitely good learning material on that site (although not always that well structured).

    Seems to be exactly what I was looking for: Example RAW photo, different editing attempt by users, and a video guide that summarizes these attempts. Thanks!

    I use those RAWs to learn darktable, an amazing free LR alternative on linux (they have a live cd if you want to check it out and don't have linux installed). I try to mimic their edits in darktable.

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