Is there a recommended aspect ratio for panoramic photos?

  • I'm learning to create panoramic photos. I'd like to know if there's any recommended proportion to determine its size. I have the feeling that 4:1 is fine, but I could'nt find any pattern.

    It's not really an answer as such, but I find that when shooting stitched panoramas, shooting each constituent image in portrait orientation results in a much less "thin" final image.

    I just finished stitching together a panorama I shot by hand with a portrait orientation. My final size was 68 x 15 at 300 psi, which is almost exactly 1:4.5. I think it's too narrow, and I'd have to find an online lab to get it printed.

    Some apps offer optional aspect ratios. I use MPro (monochrome) and 645 Pro both set to 6:17. I love the look of that frame size.

  • rm999

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    11 years ago

    As others point out, there is no standard. I personally use somewhere between 2:1 to 3:1. I like 3:1 because 36x12 inch frames are easy to find and therefore cheap.

    good point. :-)

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