How much do I charge for the first time wedding photo shoot?

  • I am an amateur photographer as far as event photography is concerned. I have done private event shoots only for my family and friends (weddings on two occasions and few new born and other small events).

    Last weekend, I was invited to do a wedding photo shoot for an office colleague in local Bay Area, California. Apparently, they did not find any professional photog on a short notice, so they called me as they know I am a good photog.

    I spent about 6 hours at the event in total and additional couple of hours in post-processing the pictures. I showed them some selected pictures and they loved them. They do not want any prints or albums. They just want soft copies of the selected photos. And now I have to tell the total price of my service.

    I am not really sure how much I should charge for this event. Any help in suggesting how I should go about determining the price of this service would be appreciated.

    I don't know if this will help but here's what I shot with: Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105 f4 IS, Canon Speedlite 430EX II and on the spare Canon T3i, Canon 50 f1.8.

    What did your contract say... oh wait. Well you didn't get sued yet, so I would deliver the images, and start over next time.

  • Pat Farrell

    Pat Farrell Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Wow, are you hosed. You tell them the price before you start. Its too late now.

    Traditionally, wedding photographers made all their money off prints. If you give them soft copies, you cut yourself out of that profit stream.

    Bay Area, NYC, Chicago, etc. I wouldn't consider doing a shoot unless I got at least $100 per hour for my time. Plus I'd want more to cover my expensive equipment. So something like $750 is what I'd start with.

    All that is water over the dam. Its too late for this one. Ask for $250 and be ready to accept less.

    Yep. At this point I'd simply call it a gift to the bride and groom and consider this experience.

    Thanks Pat. I guess I don't have much to ask here then. Next time I will be careful to form a contract before starting up.

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