Can't connect Canon 6D to my computer via USB cable

  • I can't download photos from my new Canon 6D via the USB cable. Cable is connected, but no new drive is detected in the system. Looks like Windows doesn't see a new device at all. How do I troubleshoot this problem?

    Have you installed EOS Utility ? If you dont have the software take out the memory stick and plug it in directly to your laptop card read slot.

    Page 369 of the manual explains this. The title is "Image Transfer Problems". Page 390 also describes downloading images in detail step by step.

    Which version of windows are you using? Are you connected to the internet with that Pc? Have you installed the drivers that came with the camera?

    Well I aslo cant connect it via EOS utility, but I can connect it to PC (win 7 64 bit) and copy pic directly from the card (like disc), but the problem is i can't instal new softaware, coz my EOS utility does't find my 6D. PS: I have normal 6D without wifi and gps, so I cant realy turn wifi off, if I don't have it.


    I struggled with this too but if you disable wifi and reconnect the USB you should be fine.

    If this is true, shouldnt you be complaining to Canon about this ? Sounds like a defect.

    Sounds to me like a defect in Windows. But from another answer it seems Canon is no longer making the contents appear as a drive (which should not be affected by wifi unless trying to make the camera appear as a file share).

    This occurs on OSX, too.

    Doesn't sound like a Windows problem — sounds like the camera just can't be in both sharing modes at once.

    This is such a stupid bug!

    @mattdm same on a Macbook :(

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