Is it possible to re-focus (recover) an intentionally blurred image?

  • I have an image which I have modified through Picasa ( using Soft Focus - essentially I am making the faces blurred ).

    Question is : If I upload that photo to Facebook, and a user downloads it from Facebook, is there any way they can modify the photo so that the face is in focus again?

    PS: I am not doing anything mischievous - my subject is against a brick wall holding a Nikon camera, and I just want to focus on the camera strap so I've blurred everything else.

    Hope you don't mind my edit. I don't think this really has anything to do with Facebook. It's more to do with how you've blurred the original (and how much) - and whether it's beyond the point that someone could bring it into enough focus to recognise the subject?

    @MikeW not at all - I have brought it totally out of focus using Soft Focus - so the Camera is below waist line of the subject and every thing else is blurred

  • MikeW

    MikeW Correct answer

    8 years ago

    There is a technique called deconvolution which can, to some extent, recover distorted or blurred image detail.

    Topaz labs have a product called InFocus which uses this sort of technique. It can sharpen certain images, but if you have blurred your faces substantially, I believe it would be beyond the ability of any tool to recover. Maybe on CSI :P

    you meant CSI the TV Show or some tool ?

    Sorry, meant the TV show, as a joke :)

    ha ha :D .. sorry i dont have any idea on Photo edit software making sure .. I will send it to 24 team too :D

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