How can I fire a single canon 430ex flash remotely from a Canon 6D camera?

  • I don't ever use flash but I would like to start learning about portraits and lighting. I have a mainly unused Canon 430ex which I would like to use off camera with a softbox or bouncing of an umbrella. I am pretty sure I cannot fire it remotely from either my Canon 6D or 60D without additional hardware. I am a total "flash newbie" so I don't know mych about flash transmitters, etc. What sort of equipment/trigger/transmitter do I need to fire my flash remotely. I figure some sort of a radio control? Recommendations welcomed.

    6D, and you are a landscape photographer! No need for flash! :P

    True, the low-light capabilities in this camera is amazing. But I do want to try better pics of my kids and family. Adding drama with a side light, experimenting, etc. Bouncing the flash off the walls and the ceiling doesn't do it.

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    I use this: from cowboy studio or if you have more money I would get this: from Pocketwizard which was just released. Many people also praise the inexpensive Yongnuo transmitter/triggers.

    The 60D even has a built in wireless transmitter. The 60D's built-in flash can act as a controller or commander to multiple, remote wireless flashes. It is a pretty great feature first introduced in the 7D. As far as I can tell, the 430EX will work in slave mode with the 60D in this way. I haven't looked too far into it though to confirm.

    You can optically trigger with the 60D since it has a built in flash, without any additional equipment. It just isn't all that reliable and requires line of sight.

    The 6D does not have a built in transmitter unfortunately, or a flash, so you need to either buy a 580ex/600ex style flash or a flash trigger like I linked to above.

    In essence, if you are looking to use one system with both flashes, you will need to invest in some new equipment.

    Finally, I would highly recommend buying this book if you are new to flash on the Canon system: Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography by NK Guy A great deal of it is also available here for free:

    Thanks for this awesome answer! The hardware is not as expensive either. I will definitely get that book too.

    @Jakub - It is easy, since I have the same equipment as you and have followed a similar path. I'm no expert at flash, but the book did help me out a great deal.

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