What can cause black corners in an image?

  • There are completely black corners in some of my photos. What can cause it?

    I have a full-frame Canon 5D Mk II and had the problem with my 24-105 Canon lens recently and have experienced it with my 12-24 Sigma lens before.

    Is this with one lens, or every lens? Does the lens have a hood?

    I found it with my 24-105 canon Lens recently and had experienced it with my 12-24 Sigma lens before.

    Are you using any type of filter such as a UV filter or circular poloarizing filter?

    I used UV sometimes but more often the Hama polarized filter for getting better natural colors specially for the sky and the sea!

    Are you using a FF or APS-C camera?

    It is a full frame Canon 5D mark II camera .

    One option is a wrong lens hood. If you have lenses the same size, it may be possible to mount the wrong one. I happened to me at least once :( Even if it fits, a lens hood is designed for the angle of view of the lens it came with.

    The polarising filter sounds like a very likely candidate. I have experenced severe vignetting or black corners on some images because of that.

    What focal lengths does this occur at? All, some, only one? Try a few tests and report back if possible.

    I have no access to my photos or camera for 3 weeks as I am in a vacation but ok! I will try it and will send some test photos here to know your ideas about problem.

    Is this not a simple case of vignetting? As he's on a full frame 5D, at 24mm you do start to see those shadows creeping in in the corners...especially with the filter attached?

    I didn't have this before it! And a thing... when you do not know the sex of OP it is better to write S/he.

  • Matt Grum

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    8 years ago

    Most likely an incorrectly oriented lens hood. Lens hoods for zoom lenses are petal shaped, with cutouts which are designed to avoid shading the corners. The largest bits of the petal should be top and bottom, if the hood is rotated it could be the corners of the image are being blocked by the hood.

    It could be you're using a lens designed for a smaller sensor so the image circle doesn't illuminate a large enough area, leaving dark corners. Finally there could be something lose inside the lens which is causing mechanical vignetting.

    I am going to be worried about my lovely 24-105 canon lens! :(

    That's a FF lens so the image circle is large enough. Can you confirm the hood is correctly mounted? If so then I'm afraid there may be something lose inside the lens...

    not all lens hoods are petal shaped, btw. The one for the EF-S 18-55mm Kit lens isn't, for example...

    Can it be fixed if there is a damage in my lens?

    Try taking a shot with the lens hood off to be sure that's not the problem.

    Seems like at fast aperture (e.g. f1.8 f2.8) vignetting is pronoun with full-frame cameras- https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4284193

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