How can I get the shutter actuation count for Canon EOS 500D/550D?

  • How can I get the actual shutter actuation count for a Canon EOS 500D or 550D (Digital Rebel T1i or T2i)?

    Two popular solutions for most earlier Canon cameras don't work:

    1. I peeked at location 0x9d-9e in a raw file but for the EOS 550 a constant value 0x0001 is stored there. (This worked for pre-500 bodies.)

    2. The EOSInfo software fails to detect the camera (perhaps because I'm running a 64-bit system). (This isn't supposed to work anyway...)

    This question is very popular and gets a lot of incoming traffic for the site — but we don't have a good answer. However, a lot has changed since October 2010... maybe someone knows something new now?

    If one of the solutions in the question for earlier models works for these models now, maybe the two questions should be merged at this point.

    Answer by drfrogsplat to use `gphoto2` is better than the accepted answer (to use file number).

    @xiota Thank you. When I investigated gphoto2 (over seven years ago now!) it did not work for me--but when I get a chance, I'll try it again. Things do change in software over time :-).

    There are more recent solutions included in the answers to How to check actuation count on an EOS 80D? and Shutter count for Canon EOS 60D

  • jrista

    jrista Correct answer

    11 years ago

    Have you tried just snapping a shot and previewing the image? The Rebel series usually shows in the upper right corner the number of shots since the last time you reset the image counter. So long as you have not reset the counter, it should be equivalent to the total number of actuations.

    This isn't a very reliable method since it assumes a) the counter hasn't been reset and b) there haven't been more than 9,999 photos.

    @jrista: Good point. I'm aware of this, but wanted a better estimate of the actuation count because I expect that (1) over time the discrepancy between this and the true value might grow, especially if the counter is ever reset, and (2) I have noticed that in some circumstances the counter does not advance. For example, it won't change when connected to a PC for remote shooting (even if you press the shutter button on the camera itself).

    I know its not an accurate test, but it would give you a ballpark number. Regarding tethered use, I guess it makes sense that it wouldn't update the image counter. If you've used it tethered, its probably a bad idea to use the in-camera counter. I would guess that opening the shutter for cleaning also doesn't get counted in the image counter, so if you've done that, it would also throw off the count.

    I'm accepting this response, which has stood for over a week, as indicating that the answer to my question is "no." But if any reader has other information, please share it with us in a reply!

    Sadly, it looks like that EOSInfo tool has not been updated since the 450D. It has the 500D listed, but highlighted in red and crossed out. :( I too would be interested in knowing if there is a good way of figuring out how many true shutter actuations there have been on any Canon body.

    I'm annoyed that Canon's own software can't provide this. I keep track of how many times the camera has rolled over 9,999. Of course that's only reliable when you buy new.

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