How to reduce size of a jpeg image in Photoshop?

  • I'm trying to reduce the size of my photo. I have tried all solutions given on this website.

    My current image size is 159 KB and I have to reduce to 10 KB with 5L x 3.6w.

    To achieve a 15x reduction in file size, you're going to be losing a lot of detail -- I'd expect an unreasonable amount. Of course, it depends on the specific image how well the JPEG routines can work -- since it's not just based on pixel dimensions.

    10kb is very small, and it will be hard to get adequate detail for a 5"x3.6" print at that size. (For that matter, 159kb is also low.) Can you explain why you need to do this? What's the goal? Maybe we can find a better overall solution.

    "How" to actually do it is extremely easy, I don't even think we have such a basic question on the site already. The questions I linked to above(and others) really get into more specific questions and issues with resizing images in Photoshop - not the basic "how do I click the resize button, or save as web?".

    In addition to the above: you mention that you've tried the solutions found on this site already. Can you explain what _didn't_ work about those? (It may be simply that you're asking for the impossible, I'm afraid.)

    I remember inkjets performing at 72 dpi so a 5x3.6 inch image translates to about 360x260 pixels, which when saved with a 'medium' profile usually comes down to less than 10K file size. Small for a photography aficionado, but likely acceptable (barely) as a snapshot

    This is the oddest question I've seen for some time. The questioner's profile is also very amusing. I don't understand some people.

  • Open image in Photoshop CS3. Go to Image->image size->. A small window will show. Put your desired size on the text of document size. If your size is not accepted, uncheck scale style, constrain proportions, and resample the image. After noting your size, check those three options again and then reduce the pixel dimensions. It will decrease you KB size. But it may be not 159kb to 10kb. For that there will be some online software.

    Can you explain what online software you're referring to, and why it might do a better job at this than Photoshop's "Save for the Web"?

    Also, any particular reason you mention Photoshop CS3 in specific? What about current versions?

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