What are the .LRV files on the gopro sdcard?

  • I delete the .THM and .LRV files along with the MISC folder but what are they actually good for? THM is for thumbnails on the LCD so that is clear, and the rest?

    What does this have to do with photography?

    The question is photography related because the GoPro is a still camera, too. The answer should belong to AVP-SE but the question couldn't know that.

    It is about photography, video photography. GPro, D4s and D610 owner. Thanks for the photography answers, much appreciated by a GP newbie.

  • SinisterMJ

    SinisterMJ Correct answer

    8 years ago

    LRV is a Low Resolution Video on the GoPro. You can use it on your not-too-powerful computer, edit, and then for the final render use the original, high resolution video. You can view it by renaming to .mp4

    Nice to know that GoPro can create proxy videos on-the-fly.

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