What is the optimal resolution required of a picture to print on an A1 size canvas?

  • I am working on a poster in which the background is a photo that I took myself (18 MP). I am wondering what would be the best resolution for printing this photo on an A1 canvas. This might sound very basic, but I have no experience in printing photography at all.

    What you have to do is to resample your photo for paper size (e.g. Resize dialog in photshop). Here is a basic intor.

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    8 years ago

    For this size 150ppp is already a good resolution.

    A1 is 33.1 in × 23.4 in you need (x150) => 4965x3510 pixel. That is 17.4MP, so if you use the full image (no crop) you'll be fine.

    but I was reading some comments online and most of them said that the resolution should be around 300 dpi for a sharp image, is that correct?? or 150 dpi should be fine for me??? Thank you

    you can differentiate between 300 dpi and 150 dpi only when being quite close. Since an A1 poster is quite big, you are standing at a certain distance, from which you will not notice the lower resolution used. If someone gets close though, he will notice it, but meh, whatever.

    I have to admit, the reason I haven't up voted this is that I really think 150ppi is going to be unsatisfactory on canvas. 200 ppi is the lowest I would normally take it, I would rather use a good tool to scale the image up in software (such as onOne's Perfect Resize) instead.

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