How can I take an extended timelapse with my GoPro given the short battery life?

  • I have a GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to take a continuous timelapse for extended period of time (more than 4 hours) since the battery seems to deplete itself in less than two hours.

    The two hours are with the additional battery pack?

  • I'd suggest either plugging it into the wall, a USB port or an external USB based battery. Any of these should be able to provide more power for longer runtime.

    Though you can't plug in a USB cable if using the standard waterproof housing. You can get a "skeleton housing" which has holes for plugging in cables, but it isn't waterproof.

    Cam-do has a tiny custom USB cable that will fit into the water-proof housing, and you can let a thin cable out through the back door, making it mostly water-proof (if that is mandatory). Otherwise, shoot without the ext housing. the current 12Ah USB battery packs will give you 20-24h power for a single gopro camera, otherwise, a wall charger will give you infinite power.

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