Can a Nikon/Canon flash be used on the other brand of camera?

  • I was just thinking about this problem and was wondering if anyone knew if/how to use a competing flash unit (EX or SB series) on a Nikon or Canon (respectively) camera. I would assume a lot of the brand-specific flash features may not work (wireless for example) but would the manual flash-on-the-hotshoe work fine?

    If it is possible, what features are or are not available?

    I was thinking about how, for example, in a teaching situation, you could use a single flash on both brands of camera.

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    10 years ago

    Yes, it will work, or at least, it's worked in the case I've tried (canon flash on a nikon body). You're right that the specific TTL metering and the like doesn't work, but the flash definitely triggers.

    I remember it distinctly, because both of my flashes went down while shooting a large wedding and the primary had a spare canon flash. She lent it to me, and it worked-- which produced a camera that looked exceedingly strange (what with both canon and nikon working together), but it worked in manual mode.

    I have just tried Nikon SB-600 on EOS R6. It works!

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