Adjust exposure compensation in manual mode?

  • The only way to manually adjust exposure compensation is to use either P,A,S or modes, however then of course something else is automated. In full manual mode you can not change exposure compensation ?

    Am I mistaken, why is this ? Are other advanced cameras like this ?

    EC in manual mode has an effect on the exposure metering needle only. In Canon cameras it doesn't do even that. See more about EC in "What is Exposure compensation?"

    @EsaPaulasto Not necessarily w/regard to all Canon bodies. If using E-TTL flash or *Auto ISO*, the top Canon models do allow use of EC in **M** mode.

    @MichaelClark - Even if the mode selector is rotated to point at **M,** I would not call it _Manual_ mode if ISO is going on Auto. Good to know about E-TTL flash operation though.

    It is **Manual** exposure mode. The whole point is that even in **M** mode not everything (e.g. focus) is necessarily "Manual". But it is named **Manual Exposure Mode**.

    But in Nikon we can change EC in **M** mode

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    This question tells me you should start by understanding exposure first. Start with reading about the Exposure-Triangle. If you understand that, you would not be asking this :)

    Briefly, exposure is determined by 3 parameters: ISO, Shutter-Speed and Aperture. When you are in manual mode and set all these, that is it. No further adjust is possible or needed.

    When you are in an automatic mode, you adjust 0, 1 or 2 of these three and the camera determines the rest. The point is that there is at least one left. Exposure-Compensation shifts how the camera sets the parameters it controls. If it cannot control anything as in manual mode, there is nothing to shift.

    Most mid-range cameras with manual-controls and a single control-dial use this to their advantage where the EC button switches between controlling aperture and shutter-speed in Manual mode. If your camera has dual control-dials, EC either does nothing or shifts the Exposure-Meter which can be used as a guide to set Manual exposure. It does not affect exposure in this case either.

    What about automatic exposure bracketing when in manual mode?

    @alex.forencich - Not sure where your question comes from but AEB occurs around the set exposure in Manual mode. Different cameras behave slightly differently in that they will vary aperture, shutter-speed, ISO or a combination.

    Well, if adjusting exposure compensation in manual mode is pointless as both the aperture and shutter speed are fixed, how come many cameras allow you to enable AEB while in manual mode? I know on my 7D it ends up adjusting the shutter speed just as it would in Av mode, which is not particularly intuitive.

    Almost all cameras that allow AEB in **M** mode do so by adjusting the Tv. It makes the most sense since neither DoF nor ISO is affected by changes in Tv. For images meant to be blended together in some way changing the DoF or ISO can significantly complicate matters on post-production.

    But in **Nikon** we can change EC in **M** mode

    It it only adjusts the displayed meter and does not actually change exposure, which is one reason why this can be confusing.

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