Is there a self-timer mode on the GoPro Hero 3+?

  • I might have missed the option in the plethora of settings, but it seems that there's no self-timer mode on the GoPro 3+. If there isn't, how do you take a "selfie" group shot with monopod?

    "selfie" group shot with *monopod* sound like quite a feat. but since you later talk about scuba diving I guess you'll be holding it at the other end of the pod.

    @MichaelNielsen That is correct. The GoPro3+ loses quite a bit of its wide angle range under water so a longer monopod is needed for a good underwater group selfie.

  • vclaw

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    7 years ago

    No, the GoPro Hero 3+ does not have a self-timer mode.

    But there are several ways of taking 'selfie' photos:

    • You could set the Hero to timelapse mode, ie taking a photo every 0.5, 1 or 2 seconds. Press the shutter, and it will start taking a series of photos. So you can then get in position for the selfie, and it will get a number of photos of you.
    • You can do a similar thing in video mode. ie just record a video clip. Then you can get a still photo by taking a snapshot from the video (VLC media player is useful for this). This image won't be as high quality as the photo mode, videos are a bit lower resolution. But probably still good enough for sharing online.
    • You could use the camera in standard single photo or burst mode, using a remote control to press the shutter. Either the GoPro Wifi Remote, or the GoPro app on a phone or tablet. Though this means you need to have a suitable remote control, and be holding it while you take the selfie.

    This is sad. A self timer is pretty useful. But yeah, there's the remote. However, the remote isn't very useful when scuba diving.

    +1 for the scuba. still looking for a dive pole with a dive casing for the remote.

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