Why can't I use my 64 GB SD card in my Nikon D60?

  • I formatted a brand new 64GB SD card, but when I try to take a picture my Nikon D60 shows "Card is Full" and won't take a picture - see the upper left message in the attached pic.

    I formatted first with Windows, and then within the Nikon, it formatted it, but then I get the message "Card is Full" even though the card is brand new

    Does anyone know why this is happening?

    Nikon SD card is full!

  • As noted in Nikon's knowledgebase, the D60 supports SDHC cards, but implicitly not SDXC (as SDXC is never mentioned in the page). This isn't surprising as the D60 was released in January 2008 and the SDXC standard was announced in January 2009. The SDHC standard has a largest possible size of 32 GB, hence your 64 GB card must be an SDXC card and is not compatible with your camera.

    You'll need to get a 32 GB (or smaller) card for your camera, and check that it is SDHC, rather than SDXC.

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