What causes these streaked rays from light sources?

  • I recently bought an LG G4, whose camera can shoot in an auto and both manual mode (I can manually set the iso, aperture). I shoot 100% of the time in auto.

    It takes better than average photos at night but when in Seville one night the photos it took were a disaster. Please see this example:

    enter image description here

    I find the background lighting was captured very well, but the light sources totally screwed up the photo.

    Why is this happening? The lens was clean. What can I do to improve the quality of the future photos in this situation?

    Attached 2 other photos taken before and after this problematic one (couple of hours distance). They seem fairly in the same conditions (direct light) yet the photos are decent.

    enter image description here enter image description here

    Was your camera lens clean (fingerprint free) ?

    It was clean - yes. I checked

    When did you check to see if the lens was clean? If you checked immediately after you took the shot, did you take another shot with the same problem, more or less? If you did not see the problem, why did you check the lens. (I'm questioning how sure your lens was clean were/are you.) You're pushing me into committing myself to an answer.

    You know...some people pay big bucks on filters just to get just that effect!

    I really like the "problematic effect" in the first picture. Would be more interested in how to reproduce it, than how to avoid it.

  • Rafael

    Rafael Correct answer

    5 years ago

    In my opinion that "flare" is caused by a dirty lens. I'm guessing you attempted to clean it, by using a wipe, but failed to properly clean it, which is why the flare has directionality.

    Try using a micro fibre cloth. I recently bought some that are designed for use in the kitchen, and it set me back by only a single dollar.

    I use these for cleaning my belongings all the time, which for example include a cell phone, glasses, and handheld electronic devices. It could also just be the result of condensation.

    +1: Sometimes I get a smudge on my glasses, try to wipe it off with my sleeve, and end up just spreading it around. It causes "flares" that look just like OP's image. This is most common with oily smudges, e.g. from fingerprints.

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