How to shift EXIF date/time created by time in days, hours, minutes?

  • I have two camera bodies, I was shooting while on vacation, when I downloaded the photos to lightroom, one body was set to the correct date/time, the other was off by 722 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes.

    Is there a tool available that can help me fix the date/time so that they appear in sequence while browsing my lightroom library? I'd like for them to be as close to the right time.

    I was able to adjust created year, month, date, but it doesn't appear lightroom will allow me to adjust increments (only hour increments).

    Many thanks if you can help me in this task!

    Not a duplicate of — that's about creating an EXIF timestamp when none exists.

    Go set the clock in that second camera now before you forget and make another mess. Also, if you use a GPS with any of your cameras, there may be the option to have the camera clock automatically sync off the GPS clock. Now if only you could upload a timezone map and have the camera not only set the clock from the GPS, but determine the timezone from the lat/lon and apply it automatically. It amazes me the GPS units with maps already built in don't routinely do this. The extra data is tiny compared to the map data.

  • I just found the answer.

    Lightroom will change the date/time easily by selecting the image you know the proper time for, then select all others to be changed - similar to how develop sync settings works.

    After the selection is made, click

    Metadata -> Edit Capture Time

    Select Change to a specified date and time

    Enter the proper date and time for that one image, Lightroom will adjust all other selected images by the same amount, relative to each image's own original time.

    The only problem with this is that Lightroom can't change the EXIF parameter "Date Time Digitized" and "Date Time". It only changes "Date Time Original" which is the same as "Date created" in IPTC, or "capture time" as seen in the Default metadata preset.

    So LR is not changing all metadata elements. And even if that would be possible, it only stores the changes in the catalog, not in the original files. You can export the images to new files, but not everything will be changed. It can save metadata to original file (Ctrl+S or Metadata menu). But doesn't work for CR2 RAW files, it only produces XMP sidecar files. Even when you set the "write date or time changes into proprietary raw files" option, it still produces XMP sidecar files (possible bug).

    In short, Lightroom is useless at modifying this metadata information if you wish to save this out to the original files. It only works within Lightroom catalogs. I personally feel like this should be permanently set and saved in the original files, since this is a mistake made at the time the photos were captured (e.g. time zone shift or daylight saving mistake or multi-camera mismatch).

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