Can one create multiple exposure images with a Canon DSLR?

  • In looking at the user manual for a Nikon D7000, I see that the camera can create multiple exposure images (where more than one image is exposed into the same frame) in-camera. I don't recall ever hearing that was possible with my previous DSLRs (which have all been Canon).

    Do any Canon DSLRs offer the ability to do multiple exposures?

    Seriously, just use photoshop :)

    I'm betting the D7000 is doing it in software anyway; it would be silly to keep the sensor charged while the shutter is closed -- you'd just increase noise and waste power.

    I would post this as an answer, but for some reason this question is locked. This is an old post, and some of the answers are obsolete. The Canon 70D, introduced in 2013, has a rather complete multiple-exposure feature.

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    10 years ago

    Short answer: no. Longer answer: You can fake it, to a degree, with long exposures.

    In a nutshell, what you want to do start your exposure, expose the first part, then cover the lens with a dark cloth, reposition, and remove it to expose again.

    It’s not as precise, it’s more work, it works better at night, and it might not be worth it. That said, you can get some neat effects with the technique: Example (via dreamsjung)

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