How can I trigger multiple cameras to fire simultaneously?

  • I have 10 Canon 5DmkII cameras which I want to fire simultaneously... How can I accomplish this task repeatedly and reliably?

    NOTE: Although I mention 10 cameras, it will be a 'super bonus' if the solution is scalable to n cameras...

    It's pretty common for movies to do this actually, well, they usually will have a slight delay in-between, but...

    But actually my real first response was: hey, that seems really cool. I hope you will share the results with us.

    Can't you just use a standard remote trigger cable? It works by shorting two pins, right? So, what you are looking for is a way to simultaneously short 10 (or *n*) cables. Maybe a monster switch (or a series of cascading switches) connected to 10 (actually 16, since you'll probably need a 2^n number) cables (probably all the same lengths so you don't have to think about propagation delays) that plug in to your cameras. You might get good results from Electronics and Robotics Stack Exchange!

    _10 5D mkIIs?_ I'm not jealous. No sireee...

    @AJ: That's not to say that I *own* 10 5DmkIIs. But I do think it's gonna be a pretty epic setup. I'll post pictures at some point, I'm sure. :-)

    @koiyu: Fun link... I have a hard time thinking of a setup which costs between $5000 and $8000 to make as 'ghetto' though. :-)

  • Pocket Wizards (as well as several other brands of remote triggers) can also be used to trigger remote cameras as well.

    Are you renting all of this equipment?

    I own and operate 2 5DmkIIs of my own and I'm callin' in favors from a few folks in the biz that owe me, and I've conned... errr... convinced... Canon to loan me a few bodies/lenses in exchange for some sort of mutually beneficial promo stuff at some point. At this point *(crossed fingers)* it seems likely that I won't have to rent anything at all...

    I hadn't thought of the cross promo thing, you might see about something similar with Pocket Wizard. Sounds like a cool project.

    +1 for pocket wizards. additionally, interesting youtube video: [USA today - 30fps Canon EOS-1D Mark III] - are you going to do bullet time shots? that's pretty awesome :)

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