Shouldn't anarchism be far-right, since right-wing politics opposes "big government"?

  • Shouldn't anarchism be far-right, since right-wing politics opposes "big government" and favours less government influence? Anarchism has basically no government influence, so shouldn't it be the most radical viewpoint on the right?

    Anarchism is traditionally viewed as far-left, but it doesn't make much sense, since left-wing politics supposedly favours "big government" influence.

    Political philosophies don't necessarily fall on a 1 dimensional spectrum. They also overlap and combine into all sorts of concepts. For example, you can have anarcho-communism (arguably left wing) as well as anarcho-capitalism (arguably right wing). As such, there really is no way to answer this question with a simple answer other than "forms of anarchism can exist in a lot of areas on the political map"

    Anarchism doesn't acknowledge your one-dimensional political spectrum. Anarchism doesn't have to *be* anything, because it is anarchism.

    One could have a small, right-wing government that is still exceedingly authoritarian. For instance, abolish all social welfare, support for education & research, and so on, and devote all the government's resources to enforcing the right's vision of society. E.g. the US South before the Civil Rights era, or Utah under the Mormons.

    Oh yeah, and "right-wing"/conservative/Republicans don't oppose "big government" as long as it is spent on the military, police, national security, vice enforcement, etc.

    Right-wing politics, in practice, seems to be fine with big intrusive government when it favors their particular demographic groups or philosophies, so I'm not sure the premise is sound.

    Right wing politics doesn't oppose big government, historically. Where are you getting this idea?

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    No, because there are different dimensions. There is authoritarianism/anti-authoritarianism, versus liberal/conservative. Here are several charts which shows the possible outlays expanding on the limited left/right paradigm.

    This is a Nolan Chart. It uses the axis of personal freedom vs. economic freedom. Left anarchists don't believe in economic freedom. If someone tried to price gouge, they would be visited with violence.

    Nolan Chart

    This chart shows authoritarianism vs. left/right. I might disagree with some of the positions of the dots.

    political chart anarchism

    Why Nazis are shown less authoritarian than fascists?

    How can you be both anarchist and nationalist? o_O

    @endolith: Sane people can't, of course. A nation presupposes borders (after all, nationalists are anything but globalists), and borders require a government to enforce those borders. But romantic nationalism draws its roots not from such practical matters as borders, but from an ideal - typically an idea that the nation coincides with it s people, and that those people share a common opinion. And in that fictional world, as all people in the nation share the same ideas, you don't need a government => anarchy works by virtue of a unanimous people.

    That chart probably shouldn't contain "anarchist capitalists", since it can presumably only mean "Anarcho-Capitalists", who understand that no one should be ruled over.. It seems pretty much none of all the other blah-de-blahdists in there would question the "necessity"/morality of their enslavement.

    I'm super late to the party, but "Left anarchists don't believe in economic freedom." isn't quite exact. I believe its rather that anarchists understand that economic freedom can (and often does) trample over more fundamental freedoms.

    @JSLavertu Please show us a diagram of the hierarchy of freedoms. (Oops, left anarchists don't believe in hierarchies.)

    @Chloe Sad to see that's the best rebuttal you can bring forward...

    The OP is right. Anarchism is ultra right. Nazis and Fascists were nationalist leftists (but nazis were racist too) whereas communism /marxism was class based leftism. Neither nazism/facism/communism/ marxism allowed a free market, vote, they were totalitarian at state level, absorbed all power, did not promote ownership rights, you couldn't opt out, u got killed for disagreeing: all were left.

    Current leftism is cultural marxism (they rule the universities, media, politics now and produce lies like the fact leftism is ultra "personal freedom".. it's not left is NOT "personal freedom" is is anti liberty. it is probably better said as "deminished responsibility" as an axis on this chart) ... and... like normal marxists "they" promote the propaganda that nazism was right.

    @Chloe "_Please show us a diagram of the hierarchy of freedoms. (Oops, left anarchists don't believe in hierarchies.) _" - That's mighty bold talk for somebody who put up a "chart" that isn't based on **any** hard numbers.

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