What's the explanation behind Obama's joke about Bernie Sanders?

  • I am French and not well-informed on everything happening with the US election. Hence my puzzled state when hearing the joke Obama made about Bernie Sanders:

    You look like a million bucks. Or, to put it in some terms you will be able to relate to: you look like 37000 donations of $27 each.

    Is it simply related to Bernie Sanders' philosophy about rich people? (As if saying this in terms of donation make it sounds more democratic?) Or is it related to some actual fact?

    For a sitting President, it's a pretty good joke. Obama always had the best joke writers.

  • yannis

    yannis Correct answer

    6 years ago

    The joke is referencing Sanders fundraising strategy.

    His campaign targeted small donors, and managed to raise an unprecedented amount from online contributions. 27$ is a reference to the average online donation in January, a month when the money raised (~20mil) came almost exclusively from these online contributions.

    As a follow up : All thing considered, the "27$ average donation" looks more like a catch phrase than a real mean value. Does that sounds right ?

    @JoulinNicolas The precise mean value changed over time as donations of different amounts came in. For a while the average really was $27 (after rounding) and in general it has hovered around that quantity.

    Twenty seven is also a funnier number to say than any other number in that range. It flows better. That matters. Guaranteed the speech writers didn't spend a few minutes deciding which number to use for maximum effect.

    The Bernie campaign also heavily promoted their average $27 donation and included an option for that specific amount on their donation form. I'm sure this led to a more stable average for some time.

    I think @corsiKa is right. 27 is just a really funny number.

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